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Worldwinejobs was born from the need to offer a single platform dedicated to job search in the wine sector and not only worldwide.

Our approach is very simple. We want to make the wine sector in the world more transparent for job seekers and more accessible for companies that can manage the search for human resources in a simple and economical way.

Worldwinejobs is aimed on the one hand at wineries and other entrepreneurial realities of the wine sector which, through the portal, can find easily, economically and without intermediaries professionals in the wine sector.

In a simple way, wineries / companies generally post their job advertisements. The game takes place within the platform itself where supply and demand meet directly.

Worldwinejobs, on the other hand, is aimed at those looking for a job or an internship in the wine, fermented beverages and spirits sector who can enter their curriculum and data completely free of charge.

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